10 Feb 2016

Adam & Books

Assalamualaikum w.b.t~~
This is a story about my eldest son; Ahmad Adam Alzam (3yo 2m) who don't like to read books! (T-T). Adam.....you're just like me!!hahaha. Last week, me and Mr. ALM decided to bring our kids to the public library near to our house. The main objective is to encourage them to love books and the result is----------------------------------Adam just keep flipping those pages and try to get another books one by one...hahaha
Trying to select the best book!

At least, Adam know how to select books (T-T)


  1. Hahaha... Ala xpe, it's a start 😊

    1. tula...hihi,kalau kt rumah memang xtgk buku dah..kartun je 24j