10 Feb 2016

Stressed out!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I was totally shocked when I've been diagnosed with high blood sugar level:14.6mmol/L which is beyond type 2 diabetes! What a joke..hahahaha...

But....I took the test after having my big breakfast : fried noodles with fried chicken + La white coffee...so it was not accurate of course...but I keep google about diabetes and it make me feel sad and decide to eat clean..Hahahahaha..

I lost weight: 3 kg within 3 days as I'm not taking any rice or bread...but I can't live without rice!!!hahhahha...forgive me..so I decide to do the test again at Klinik Kesihatan without taking any food before the test...the result???--------------4.4mmol/L !!!! Praise to Allah..yeayyy!!! I can eat rice back!hahaha...but still need to change my lifestyle; eat healthy food + exercise !! (T-T)
So..here I am

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